People Are Saying

It’s hard to encapsulate how much my daughter has grown [through her work with Lisa]. Lisa gave my daughter opportunities to express herself when things were hard for her.

With vast experience with special education and the patience of a saint to work with my non-interested son, our “Mary Poppins” kept our children engaged and not only helped with every bit of homework that was assigned but she taught my daughter different ways to learn.

By the end of our time with Ms. D, my daughter learned methods to help with organization, with anxiety and with confidence to understand hard things can be done with composure and practice.

This year, my daughter is blossoming in school, and we owe it all to Ms. D.

— LM, Parent of 1st & 3rd grader

Lisa helped me with one of the biggest challenges of my life. The work was essential. My work with Lisa helped me hold my boundaries. The learning is huge. Lisa is a master at transferring feelings into movement. No one else was able to verbalize what Lisa did for me; Lisa created safety.

— DF, Movement client

Lisa helped our family in a time when a lot of things were uncertain. It was a miracle. We’re grateful. My daughter is happier than she’s ever been.

— BN, Parent of 1st & 3rd grader

Ms. DeLand helped me learn by using different materials that explained things better. I got caught up on my schoolwork and sometimes got ahead.

— TN, Child (3rd grader)

Because I’m moving, I can get in touch with painful feelings but not in a way that hurts. If there are leftover unpleasant feelings, I have the courage to look at these. You can either vacuum or deep clean your carpet. This is a deep body / mind cleanout. 

— KC, Movement client

I’ve learned from Lisa across many unexpected planes. I place value on the experience, the safety of the space where I have a sense of protection. I feel welcomed, gratified and grateful.

The way Lisa uses her voice is a refined skill, an art that embodies her wisdom and integrity. It is a rare gift anywhere you live to have a place to express your heart, use your body.

— RB, Movement client

I really appreciate the way Lisa communicates loving intention with her words and music. 

— MR, Movement client

For the 2020-21 school year, during the COVID Pandemic, four sets of parents hired Ms. DeLand (Lisa) to be the teacher for our children. Our family turned the garage into a pod classroom M–F plus extra tutoring a few afternoons a week.

Lisa made it OK for my son and the other children to try new things for the first time and old things again without shame of failure. She encouraged each child’s individual challenges and celebrated their accomplishments and growth.

Lisa was like a part of the family. Her matter-of-fact calmness during this complicated and stressful time brought a sense of peace and normalcy into our home. Her clarity and confident approach put all the parents at ease.

Lisa created a fun and safe learning environment where the children could learn and parents knew that was happening. Lisa has a way of quickly figuring out each child’s personality, comfort level, trepidations and struggles.

Besides teaching my child academically and supporting his emotional and social growth, I appreciate how Lisa recognizes the vulnerability of new connections and makes that a strength; Lisa lays down important life-long learning skills. I’m grateful that Lisa came into our lives.

— KLC, Parent of 1st grader